7th Annual EHTG Meeting 2023

Please answer every question

using a grade from 1 (not at all) to 5 (fully agree)
# Question Answer
1 How did you like hotel meeting facilities and services?

2 Were you happy with the pre-event registration services?

3 Were you happy with the management and registration desk services during the event?

4 Your overall impression of the program quality

5 The structure and overall concept of the programme is suitable?

6 Is the plenary with updates on "hot topics" a good format to be kept?

7 Were you happy with the debate sessions?

8 Were you happy with the structure of the working group sessions?

9 Were you happy with the networking patient session?

10 Is the length of the meeting suitable?
11 Do you agree with the concept of speed abstracts?
12 Would you have preferred more social events in the evening?
13 Do you see any advantage to EHTG being timed/located to link with any other meetings?
14 Have you joined EHTG as a member?
15 Are you willing to actively engage in the new society?
16 Do you think that EHTG should form strong allegiance(s) to any other societies in particular?
17 Would you be interested in engaging in gene/path diagnostic dynamic guidance or clinical management?
18 Did all the faculty members provide their potential conflict of interest declaration with the sponsor(s) as a second slide of their presentation?
19 Do you agree that the information was overall free of commercial and other bias?
20 What are the most important facilities or services that EHTG can provide to it's members and wider network going forward?
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